FormFutura Miniature LCD Resin - Model

FormFutura FormFutura

FormFuturas "Miniature LCD Resin - Model" er resinen til modelleringskunstnere. Den har hurtige hærdningstider og 3D-print i høj opløsning. Denne 3D-printerresin fanger de mest delikate detaljer i dine 3D-modeller. Du kan 3D-printe de fineste hår, rynker, muskler og ansigtsudtryk på dine modeller. Let!

  • Hurtige hærdetider.
  • 3D-print i høj opløsning.
  • Lav viskositet og lav lugt.
  • Let at fjerne understøtninger.
  • Direkte malbar overflade.
  • God kompatibilitet med alle DLP og LCD/MSLA 3D printere i området 385 – 420nm.

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Suitable applications

  • 3D printing figurines and miniatures.

  • Model making.

  • Creating dioramas. 

Preparation(s) before starting to print

  • Shake the bottle for at least 2 minutes before each use.

  • After shaking the bottle, leave the resin to rest for 10 minutes to let air bubbles get out of the resin

    • The resin can be poured back from the vat into the bottle once your print is finished

  • Always use protective measurements like safety glasses and nitrile gloves when handling resins.


  • We do advise you to post-process your 3D print in order to achieve the material properties

    • Rinse your 3D printed object in IPA or (Bio)Ethanol for approximately 5 minutes

  • An ultrasonic cleaner is preferred/recommended

    • Make sure that IPA and/or (Bio)Ethanol rinsed objects are perfectly dry before further post-curing

  • Place the rinsed parts in a well-ventilated area for at least 30 minutes, or use pressurized air for at least 2 minutes

    • Cure your object in a high power curing chamber for approximately 20-30 minutes at 65° C

  • The preferred curing wavelength is between 300-410nm


Please always be aware that when 3D printing with resins that you are working with chemicals and that you should always be cautious and use the personal protective equipment as stipulated in our safety data sheets.

  • Always wear Respiratory Protection when sanding/cutting the resin object.

  • Always use nitrile gloves when handling resins and uncured resin objects.

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