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3D Pen

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    The Myriwell 3D printing pen is equipped with a display and enables you to get started with manual 3D printing very easily and at a low price. Start drawing in 3D now. The most important product features: Handy, easy to use and ideal for beginners Very good price-performance ratio Easy to transport – Please only in cold condition LCD display for...

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    Bring your limitless imagination to life with the XYZprinting 3D pen. The PLA filament is pushed through the tip of the pen, heated, melted and then solidifies in the cold air. Start 3D printing without a computer – now! Main product properties: Simple and intuitive operation 3D print with your hand – Bring your imagination to life Works with...

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    Experience with your children the fantastic possibility to draw in 3D. The SUNLU M1 3D printing pen offers simple one-button operation. Express your creativity with this wonderful and intuitive 3D pen. Main features of the SUNLU M1: Simple and intuitive operation via one button 3D draw where you want, thanks to mobile charging Portable and powered by...

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    Sunlu SL-600 – 3D Pen, print with nice features The Sunlu SL-600 – 3D-Pen enables you to 3D print with amazing features. Realize fine details and stunning drawings with this amazing device. Let your creativity run wild. Most important product features: Optimized for PLA and PCL filament Set two temperature modes: Normal & low Lowest possible...

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    Buy this PCL filament if you need a top material for your 3D pen. With this material, you and your kids can quickly realize good handmade 3D prints. Material properties: 1.75 mm PCL filament for 3D pens Very easy to process Powerful colours Safe due to low processing temperature

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    3D pens are something wonderful and your first step into manual 3D printing. With the Sunlu SL-300, you & your kids can 3D draw impressive works of art in the third dimension. Buy the Sunlu SL-300 and you'll get a beautiful, convenient, lightweight and very easy to use 3D pen. For an especially safe & environmentally friendly application we...

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    Sunlu Filament til din 3D Pen - 1.75mm - 6 farver - i alt 150 stk.

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    With the help of this Drawing Mat you can easily use your 3D pen for drawing shapes, animals and other fun things. Perfect for beginners! Size 415 X 275 MM

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    3D Pen fra Sunlu Til PLA og PETG 1.75mm filament Udfold din kreativitet

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    Creality 3D Pen er nem at betjene, da du ikke behøver at bekymre dig om at trykke på en masse knapper. Trækker automatisk filamentet tilbage, når der ikke er sket noget i 10 minutter. Bruger PCL filament, som printer ved en lav temperatur, hvilket gør det mere sikkert for børn. Pennen er lavet af holdbart ABS plastik, hvilket gør den ugiftig og...

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    PCL-filament til printning ved lav temperatur med 3d - penne. Ingen ubehagelig lugt eller skadelige gasser. Sikker at bruge, selv for børn. 10 farver 5 meter af hver farve 1,75 mm i diameter

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