Bambu Cooling Fan for Hotend

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Køleblæseren bruges til at køle og reducere temperaturen på den keramiske varmelegeme til varmende.

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The cooling fan is used for cooling and reducing the temperature of the ceramic heater for hotend.
In addition, the cooling fan for our hotend has an auto-shutoff after being locked at rated voltage for 1-3 seconds.
The circuit attempts to restart in 2 to 6 seconds. There is no damage after 72 hours of locking.
The cooling fan is a high-speed rotating part, so do not touch it while it is running.
We apologize, but our current version of cooling fan for hotend does not include screws in the package. Assembly will require 2 * M2.5-15 screws to install.
In the Box:
- Cooling Fan for Hotend
Product Specifications
Voltage / Operation Voltage 5 V / 3 V~6 V Materials Plastic, Metal
Rated Speed 15500 rpm/min Packaging Size 60*60*30 mm
Max Air Flow 2.96 CFM Packaging Weight 24 g
Expected Life 50000 hrs at 40℃ Color Black
Spare Parts Category BYGGEPLADER

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