AzureFilm PLA Filament

AzureFilm-filament AzureFilm-filament
  • Produceret i Europa
  • Høj kvalitet PLA Resin
  • Flotte klare prints
  • Livlige farver
  • Ingen stringing
  • Ingen warping
  • Ingen tilstoppelse
  • Tolerance +/- 0.02mm
  • Rundhed +/- 0.01mm

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  • 1kg

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PLA is the most popular type of 3D filament, probably because is one of the easiest 3D filaments to print and it doesn’t warp as easily, meaning it doesn’t require a heating bed (although it definitely helps to heat it). Another benefit of using PLA is that it's considered an odorless filament and is environmentally friendlier than many others 3D printer filaments.

So far it sounds like a perfect 3D filament but just like every other plastic, it has some disadvantages; the PLA material has low-temperature resistance, and it will start to lose mechanical strength at temperatures over 60 °C. It is also important that we mention that this filament is brittle, so avoid making PLA 3D models that might be bent, twisted, or repeatedly dropped. Instead use it to make 3D models like decorations, low-wear toys, prototype parts, and containers.

Even though our PLA filament is made from materials that are food-safe, we do not recommend repeatedly drinking or eating from your 3D prints, because the bacteria can build up there over time.

Our PLA filament is compatible with almost all 3D printers, including Creality and MakerBot printers, Ultimaker, Artillery, Flashforge, Creatbot, Makergear, Bukobot, Type A Machines and many more.

AzureFilm PLA filaments come in different colors and options; from the basics colors like white and black to glow-in-the-dark properties or those mixed with real wood or glitter.

 Easy to print

 Lot of colours/styles




 Lacks mechanical properties

Strength: Medium | Flexibility: Low | Durability: Medium | Difficulty to use: Low

Shrinkage/warping: Minimal | Soluble: No

Food safety: Although our PLA is eco-friendly and our masterbatch is made from food-safe materials, we suggest you use our PETG filament for which we have a food safe certification.

Mærke Azurefilm
Materiale PLA
Diameter tolerance +/- 0,02 mm
Vægt 1000g
Print temperatur 200°C - 230°C
Opvarmet seng krævet Nej
Anbefalet temperatur på seng 50°C - 60°C
Lager Butik
Kompatibel - Bambu Lab AMS Ja


Our vision is as clear as the clear blue skies. We create, rise and broaden horizons. The sky is our only limit and there are no boundaries. Here and there, backwards and forwards, down and, of course, up. X-times, countless times. Our world comes in many shapes and dimensions. It has its depth, width and height, whereas the most important dimension is your imagination. Creativity has no boundaries, it is limitless and it never stops.

AzureFilm is 3D filaments manufacturer from Slovenia. With over 30 years of experience in plastic industry we offer one of the best quality 3D filaments all over the world. With an expert team of specialists and engineers as well as own factory located in Sežana (near Italian border), we are delivering a complete line of products  that are fully designed and manufactured by our team in Slovenia. Apart from being first choice for 3D filaments in Slovenia, our products are now sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, USA and selected markets all over the world. We are manufacturing our own spools and are able to plastic inject spools for other brands too. With our own in-house production for CNC milling we are able to make molds for specific designs and satisfy needs of the most nit picky customers. We are a reliable partner offering high quality, support, design and production at the highest level.

Skriv bedømmelse

Skriv bedømmelse

Test specimens print settings:

  3D printer: Creality Ender 3

  Infill: 20 %

  Nozzle temperature: 215 °C 

  Slicer: Cura 

  Shells: 2 

  Bed temperature: 55 °C 

  Nozzle: 0,4 mm 

  Layer height: 0,2 mm 

  Print speed: 50 mm/s 


Printing Recommendations:
Nozzle temperature: 200–230°C
Heated bed: Not required (recommended 50–60°C)
Print speed:50–100 mm/s
Build platform: Glass bed, Kaptontape, Blue tape.

Access to all technical data sheets can be found here.