Wanhao Box 2 - Filament Dryer

Wanhao Wanhao


Wanhao Box 2 tører og opbevarer din filament
  • passer til de fleste 500g og 1kg ruller
  • Touchscreen til styring af temperatur og tørretid

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Wanhao Box 2 is drying and storing box for filaments.

Fits most 500 – 1 kg spools of filaments.

Touch screen control where you set temperature and drying time.
You can also monitor the humidity.

Function to measure how much filament is left. Enter the empty spool weight and filament density – the Wanhao Box 2 tells you how many meters of filament you have left. Finally, you can dare to use the last meters of your spool!

  • 4 filament feeding ports 1.75 – 3.00 mm
  • Auto humidity-controlled storage with digital indicator
  • Adjustable heating up to 60°
  • Perfect for Nylon, ABS, TPU, PVA etc..
  • Accurate weight system – let you know how many meters of filament you have left
  • LED function light- visible at night
  • Touch screen control – Easy to operate
  • Auto security system – stops

Recommended drying time for filaments:

Materials Dryer Temp Drying Time
PLA 45℃(113℉) > 4h
ABS 60℃(140℉) > 2h
PETG 65℃(149℉) > 2h
Nylon 70℃(158℉) > 12h
Dessicant 65℃(149℉) > 3h

Time can be longer if filament have more moisture from beginning.

Mærke Wanhao
Brand Name WANHAO BOX2
Maximum Capacity Φ 23 cm * 9 cm wide
Rated Power AC 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Power Output 12V 5A
Drying Power 50W
Maximum Temperature 80℃
Weighing Power 0.1W
Weighing Load 3KG
Consumable Wire Diameter 1.75/2.85/3.0 MM
Packing Size 39.5*27*42 CM
Product Size 30*17*32.5 CM

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